chevron scientist wins award for chemistry in service to society

January 26, 2023
The Impact of Supporting Local Communities — Chevron

For developing catalyst technology that can make oil refineries safer, Chevron Fellow Hye-Kyung Timken has been presented the 2023 U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Award for Chemistry in Service to Society.

The award recognizes Timken for her groundbreaking work on innovative catalysts for use in Chevron’s ISOALKY™ technology.

“I feel really humbled to receive this award,” Timken said. “This technology was made possible because so many people worked on it. I want to thank all of my colleagues who contributed because this isn’t just my work. This took a village of easily a thousand people.”

About the award :

The NAS Award for Chemistry in Service to Society is awarded for contributions to chemistry that clearly meet a social need. Bestowed every two years, the prize is given to chemists working in industry, academia, government and nonprofit organizations.

“I was shocked,” Timken said of receiving the award. “I still don’t know who nominated me, but I was deeply moved.”

Since 1991, the prize has recognized significant societal benefits made through chemistry, highlighting breakthroughs that have improved quality of life. Timken joins the ranks of 16 other recipients of the award, two of whom have gone on to receive the National Medal of Science and the Nobel Prize.

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