HARTING Americas Highlights Game-Changing Technologies During Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Delegation US Tours

July 20, 2022

The Minister of Economic Affairs from Lower Saxony, Germany, Minister Dr. Bernd Althusmann and a delegation of 40 entrepreneurs visited HARTING Americas on June 23, 2022, as part of a delegation trip to the United States.  During their trip, the delegation met with business leaders and politicians.

Minister Dr. Althusmann explained, "The USA continues to be a driving force in the development of new technologies. We see ideal points of contact here, especially in digitally-driven topics such as medical technology, life science, biotech, or future mobility."

HARTING was an important stop on their list.  During their visit the German company explained its focus on game-changing technologies in the US, including vehicle electrification, semiconductor production, data centers, and single pair Ethernet.  

Jon DeSouza, President & CEO of HARTING Americas, said, “There’s incredible growth potential here in the US for technology companies.  For example, we’re predicting double-digit CAGR across the board in Electrification technologies – Electric passenger vehicles, off-highway vehicles including Agriculture equipment, and energy storage application.  One thing is clear, to be a global leader in technology you need to have a strong presence in the US.”

Following, the group toured the HARTING Americas production facility, which has enjoyed substantial growth in the last three years, following an announcement in 2018 with then-Governor Bruce Rauner.  The company anticipates further growth in coming years

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