Korea Robot Industry Association, 2022 RobotWorld Networking Party held

October 7, 2022
2022RobotWorld Preview and Latest Robot Market Trend Announcement

- Nau Robotics, Rainbow Robotics, Syscon, and Twinny announced new products

- Strong participation in service robots based on autonomous driving technology in 2022 Robot World

- A high proportion of direct overseas buyers from Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia

Prior to hosting the 2022 Robot World, the main points of observation of this exhibition and a place to meet participating companies and expand the network will be prepared.

The Korea Robot Industry Association held the 2022 Robot World Networking Party at SPACE O in Insa-dong, Seoul onThursday, September 29th.

At this event, along with a preview of RobotWorld2022, the latest robot market trends and products exhibited by major exhibitors were presented.

2022 Robot World will be held from October26th (Wednesday) to 29th (Sat) at Halls 1-3 of KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Goyang City.

Hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and co-hosted by the Korea Robot Industry Association, Korea Robot Business Promotion Agency, and the Control·Robot·System Society, 200 companies from 30 countries applied for this exhibition with 700 booths (total area of ​​26,487㎡) (at the end of August). standard). This is an increase of more than 55% compared to last year(173 domestic and foreign companies, 481 booths in 2021).

In addition, the standard process model joint promotion center of the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency will participate in a large booth with a scale of 120 and a service robot hall with a scale of 63. In addition, regional joint pavilions such as Incheon Techno Park, Bucheon Industrial Promotion Agency, Daejeon Techno Park, and Gyeonggi-do Economic Science Promotion Agency will participate to introduce industry, academia, research and government products, technologies, and services to domestic and foreign visitors.

An official from the Korea Robot Industry Association, which is the organizer, said in a welcoming speech at the event, “Service robot companies are showing strength in Robot World this year, including manufacturing robot companies.” , TIRA Robotics, Koga Robotics, etc., said that a large number of self-driving robot companies based on professional services participated.

He continued, “As overseas companies such as Seer Group (China), Mir (Denmark), and Kendri on (Germany) are directly participating, there is an active movement to compete with domestic companies and find cooperative models even before the exhibition is held.” added.

In addition, he said, “We should pay attention to the export conference in which direct overseas buyers from Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia participate among the 2022RobotWorld side events that should be noted.”

The overseas export conference is for companies that have applied for participation in the early stages of the 1st(initial interview - June), 2nd (image export conference - August), and the 3rd(face-to-face consultation - October event period). It is being promoted as a conference, and through the 2nd export conference held for the past two weeks(Aug. 16~Aug. 26), the number of consultations was 137 cases, the consultation amount was 30.8 million dollars, and the contract amount was 4.25 million dollars.

At the 3rd export conference, a business ceremony is planned, such as directly inviting buyers with real purchasing power to promote contracts and sign business MOUs.

In this press conference, Nau Robotics, Rainbow Robotics, Syscon, and Twinny, among the companies participating in RobotWorld2022, participated to present the products to be showcased through the exhibition and their future plans and visions.

Nau Robotics will unveil for the first time a new product, 'NUGO', a plastic injection-only industrial robot and logistics robot. In particular, in order to differentiate itself from overseas robots, it is equipped with software developed in-house to enhance its competitiveness. To develop competitive software, the company signed a business agreement with Professor Oh Se-hoon's team at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DIGST) in June of last year and conducted research and investment from various angles.

In addition to logistics robots, the company also introduced the newly announced NURO series of orthogonal robots for plastic injection, the NURO X series of articulated robots, and NUCA of the scara robots, which were newly announced while establishing its mass production system in the first half of this year.

Rainbow Robotics Co., Ltd. is promoting cooperative robots, astronomical mount systems, and bipedal robots as its main businesses. At Robot World 2022, a robot cafe will be developed and introduced.

The new product is the smallest among the existing robot cafe platforms with a width of 1700mm, a depth of 1500mm, and aheight of 1950mm so that it can be installed in a narrow space. In addition,the built-in kiosk is designed so that only one platform can be installedwithout taking up additional space, and the manager's access road is placed inthe front to utilize the space on both sides to increase space efficiency.There are two types of products: the Coffee & Aid Platform and the IceCream & Slush Platform.

Syscon is a company that provides totalsolutions for autonomous driving robots (AMR/AGV), including AMR/AGV total solutions based on its own technology, AMR/AGV robot automation total solutionsfor smart factories and warehouses, and mass production line logistics forlarge enterprises. We are supplying robots.

In particular, the SR series of logistics transport robots has a lineup of industrial fulfillment robots, service robots, industrial logistics robots, low-floor industrial robots, and unmanned for klifts. In addition, the control system ACS (AMR Control System) enables convenient AMR integrated monitoring, user-friendly interface, multi-robot optimal traffic control, robot status monitoring and task assignment.

Twinny is a small and medium-sized company in Daejeon that was included in the preliminary unicorns selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in early July last year. It is being developed and supplied to logistics centers, factories, hospitals, and shopping malls.

At Robot World 2022, the company plans to unveil various robot products, focusing on order-picking robots for specialized logistics centers and 'Addo' to target the daily logistics market, and strive to discover customers. In particular, the order-picking robot can load various types of products at the same time by applying a tray. Each tray has a load weight of 20 kg and can be loaded up to 100 kg at a time. In addition, the tray position can be changed, and the efficiency is increased by adding the number of trays.

Meanwhile, the global robot market has been growing at an average annual rate of 6% for the past 6 years (as of 2020).According to the Korea Robot Industry Survey, the initial sales of the Korean robot business in 2020 were 5,473.6 billion won. In particular, sales of the robot industry for professional services rose 44.1% year-on-year to KRW 461.1billion, and exports increased by 9.4% to KRW 34.6 billion.

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