Kyung Sung Tech: Achieving Less Than 1% Defect Rate Through Specialized Technical Expertis

December 8, 2023

KyungSung Tech, headquartered in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province, led by CEO Park Seong-gil, specializes in precision manufacturing. The company processes and delivers components used in manufacturing sectors such as semiconductors, secondary batteries, and automobiles, catering to specific orders placed by clients. Their main products include air pumps (diaphragm pumps), air compressors, and scrolls.

CEO Park, despite the company's status as a small or medium-sized enterprise, expressed confidence in the quality of their precision-manufactured goods, citing a defect rate of around 1%. He emphasized, "Being a smaller entity allows us to focus on individual products more meticulously compared to larger firms. Our employees, having worked together for 5 to 10 years, have achieved high production efficiency."

Furthermore, CEO Park highlighted the significance of effective communication in delicate machining processes, stating that improper communication could result in product damage. Hence, the company exclusively employs skilled Korean technicians for their operations, avoiding the recruitment of foreign laborers. Park stressed that alongside precision machining, meeting delivery schedules and responding to user demands have been pivotal in building trust with their clientele.

Kyung Sung Tech: Achieving Less Than 1% Defect Rate Through Specialized Technical Expertis

Understanding the intricacies of the processed products is also an indispensable factor in improving quality. CEO Park mentioned, "I was involved in the localization of imported pumps at the beginning. Thanks to that experience, I have a good understanding of the characteristics of pumps. Initially, there were issues with the external appearance of the pump, as it was made of plastic resin and underwent deformation due to heat. Through various trial and error processes, we were able to create a product that is close to perfection in order to address and improve this issue," he explained.

The company has also obtained patents for products developed based on its technological capabilities. "We acquired a utility model patent for a tool. Last year, we received a patent for an NC eccentric sleeve. This component is installed in NC equipment, and while new equipment may initially function well, it can experience misalignment during usage," Park explained.

This innovation helps prevent tool wear on processing equipment. By incorporating the NC eccentric sleeve, setup times for equipment can be reduced, and tool wear can be minimized, according to CEO Park." Nothing has been easy... overcoming challenges with perseverance."

With the recent economic downturn both domestically and internationally, the challenges for subcontracting manufacturing companies have intensified, particularly with the semiconductor market, a key player in Korea's export-driven economy, facing difficulties.

CEO Park also expressed the difficulty of the current situation, but added that they will overcome it with enduring strength. "After graduating from college, I took my first step into subcontracting manufacturing and spent over 10 years specializing in the field. It was not an easy time, but I endured it and even started my own business. I thought everything would go well, but in 2008, the global financial crisis hit. It was an economic turmoil on par with the Great Depression of 1929, and KyungSung Tech also struggled," he recalled.

Despite the hardships and challenges, CEO Park smiled, expressing his belief that the times of adversity and struggle KyungSung Tech has experienced will serve as nourishment, providing the resilience needed for the company to endure and thrive.

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