Microland and Serco AsPac Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive Digital Transformation

September 28, 2023

Microland Limited and Serco AsPac, a division of Serco Group, one of the world's leading providers of public services, have jointly announced a strategic partnership aimed at propelling digital transformation through cloud technology, enhancing business agility, and bolstering resilience. This strategic collaboration builds upon an enduring 18+ year technology delivery relationship between Microland and Serco. These initiatives are in alignment with Serco's 2027 strategy, which is designed to accelerate innovation in business services, thereby driving the next phase of growth and expansion.

Within the framework of Serco AsPac's 2027 strategy, Microland is playing a pivotal role in guiding them away from traditional data centers and towards cloud adoption, thereby facilitating their transition into a cloud-centric organization. To achieve this transformation, Serco AsPac has chosen Microsoft Azure as the cornerstone of its cloud and data center evolution.

In the ongoing engagement with Serco AsPac, Microland will provide a comprehensive suite of end-user device management services. This includes the provision of evergreen managed desktop services with dedicated deskside support, managed services pertaining to network and connectivity, robust security tooling, and governance, risk & compliance (GRC) solutions. Additionally, Microland is implementing advanced toolsets geared towards measuring and enhancing the Digital Employee Experience (DEX), with a particular focus on optimizing employees' interactions with the technology they engage with in their daily tasks. There is also a strong emphasis on automating infrastructure management tasks and deploying self-healing services to minimize manual intervention, thereby extracting greater value from existing infrastructure and device investments.

Jason Richardson, Chief Digital Officer at Serco, expressed, "Digital transformation is at the core of our vision to deliver innovation to our customers. Our partnership with Microland, alongside our strategy to exit traditional data centers and embrace the cloud, signifies a significant stride towards digital transformation in the public services sector. This move is contributing to the effectiveness and efficiency of our business operations, fostering tech-enabled business growth."

Karthikeyan Krishnan, Senior Vice President and Geo Leader – Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Microland, stated, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Serco AsPac in delivering top-tier digital public services, harnessing cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment is to continually implement technology at scale, thereby enhancing customer experience, bolstering business agility, and elevating the quality of digital public services."

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