Mitsubishi Electric to Invest in Coherent’s New SiC Business

October 20, 2023

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced its agreement with Coherent Corp. to invest $500 million (equivalent to approximately 75 billion yen) in establishing a new silicon carbide (SiC) business, to be carved out from Coherent. The objective is to expand Mitsubishi Electric's SiC power device business by bolstering vertical collaboration with Coherent, a long-standing supplier of SiC substrates to Mitsubishi Electric.

The global electric vehicle market is experiencing rapid growth, along with various emerging applications propelling the surge in SiC power devices. These devices offer advantages such as reduced energy loss, higher operating temperatures, and faster switching speeds compared to traditional silicon power devices. The heightened efficiency of SiC power devices is anticipated to play a substantial role in advancing global decarbonization and supporting environmentally friendly transformations.

Mitsubishi Electric has maintained a leadership position in SiC power modules for a diverse range of applications, including high-speed trains, high-voltage industrial uses, and household appliances, over the years. The company has a noteworthy history, marked by milestones such as introducing the world's first SiC power modules for air conditioners in 2010 and becoming the pioneer in providing a complete SiC power module for Shinkansen high-speed trains in 2015. Mitsubishi Electric has also accumulated extensive expertise by addressing market demands for enhanced performance and exceptional reliability through superior processing and screening methods in the development and production of SiC power modules.

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