Ndustrial Expands Energy Platform into Recycling Vertical Market

September 8, 2022

World’s Largest Mechanical Tire Recycler Selects Ndustrial – Saves Hundreds of Thousands in Energy Costs in Less than Four Months

Extension Aligns with Strategy to Enter Key Vertical Markets and Accelerate the Optimization of Energy Intensity in Industrial Facilities

Ndustrial, the only production-first Energy Intensity company, today announced it is expanding its market reach to serve the recycling market and has already enabled Genan to save hundreds of thousands in energy costs by automating their response to electricity price spikes.

“Recycling operations need a warning system, and ideally an automated system, that will shift your energy load as prices go up,” said Michael Agerkilde, COO at Genan. “I would never do anything else. Although energy prices at Genan’s Houston plant are generally lower in the US than in Europe, the fluctuations are much higher.”

Recycling facilities like Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and shredding operations are excellent candidates for cutting energy costs. Not only are they large energy users, but their operations are generally flexible enough to avoid price spikes. Moreover, it’s common that recyclers have a sustainable mission, backed by carbon reduction or ESG goals. Managing energy effectively allows them to further their mission.

“We’ve seen electricity prices spike by a factor of 100 during extreme weather events,” reports Jason Massey, CEO at Ndustrial. “When we help Genan avoid high energy rate periods, we’re helping them improve production efficiency and lower costs – while simultaneously creating grid stability.”

As energy price inflation eats into operating margins, the companies that can successfully manage their Energy Intensity will see higher profits and improved competitiveness. This success often extends to improved stakeholder relations including with customers, investors, and regulators.

“Energy efficiency is a major opportunity for companies serious about putting sustainability in action,” says Jason Massey at Ndustrial. “Recycling and energy management go hand-in-hand.”

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