Samsung caught planning robot invasion of America

January 20, 2022

Samsung, arguably the world’s largest mobile phone company and generally an all-round hi-tech behemoth, appears to be preparing to launch a massive invasion of America with robots.

The South Korean company has been reported to have filed papers and applications or whatever it is that you do at the World Intellectual Property Organization to trademark or patent a new brand called “Samsung Bot”, according to the Korea Herald.

The website reports that Samsung Bot “encompasses all types of applications including industrial robots, exoskeleton robots, robot vacuum machines, robot kitchen utensils, humanoids and server robots”.

Checking on Samsung’s own website, Robotics and Automation News learns that the company seems to be targeting its robots at the home market and the retail sector.

Junghoe Kim, of Samsung Research’s Robot Center, says the overall concept of the company’s presentation at CES this year was “Digital, Meet Physical”, highlighting a new artificial intelligence avatar, the concept of which will be familiar to most science-fiction fans.

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