SHLT, a 'Small but Strong' Company

December 8, 2023
SHLT, a 'Small but Strong' Company
CEO Lee Misook of SHLT

"Managing a logistics company as a woman - How do you do it?"

These were the words often heard by Ms. Lee Mi-sook, the CEO of SH LT, who was once an ordinary employee working for a logistics company. When she ventured into the transportation business, she faced numerous trials and errors in the face of the barrier known as 'prejudice.'

In the early stages of her business, most companies were reluctant to entrust her with projects. At best, she was given simple tasks, such as moving basic and lightweight equipment like pallets using vehicles.To overcome these challenges, she relied on the power of 'communication' to surpass limitations.

SH LT was able to establish itself as a transportation company built on trust, navigating through the dark tunnels, thanks to the CEO's 'wise communication.'

In the logistics business, where the landscape can change overnight with a small mistake, leaders must constantly bear the risk burden that can lead to being left behind by collaborative partners.

In such situations, the CEO chose an efficient communication approach. She carefully observed the different transportation methods and characteristics of each company. Drawing on her extensive experience in logistics and transportation, she provided information that could help the companies, addressing the potential issues during transportation and sharing specific knowledge about the process.

CEO Lee Mi-sook stated, "I communicate specialized knowledge derived from experience, such as the specific transportation process and issues that may arise on the road during transit. At the same time, we present our needs to the companies." Utilizing 'familiarity' and 'customization' as weapons in communication, they smoothly execute the so-called 'give and take' approach.

'Turning Crisis into Opportunity 'Once again, SH LT faced a challenge. The sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic left many domestic companies in a state of stagnation, and SH LT was not immune to the impact of declining revenue.

However, the CEO turned the crisis into an opportunity. Recognizing that relying solely on the transportation business during an economic downturn was not feasible, she made the strategic decision to venture into manufacturing. By outsourcing a manufacturing process from a collaborative partner and carrying out processing, she entered the manufacturing sector.

The convergence of manufacturing and transportation was a significant move. Recognizing the essential role of the transportation process within manufacturing, she mentioned, "Simultaneously pursuing both businesses created a synergistic effect, allowing us to overcome challenges once again." This narrative truly resonates with the title of a 'wise CEO.'

Furthermore, the CEO questioned why certain outdated devices and methods, frequently operating within the processing of outsourced manufacturing, were not being adequately improved. Actively initiating process improvements within the company and transforming and enhancing somewhat inefficient methods? such as manual labor? into automated machinery, she increased operational efficiency.She stated, "Even when conveying process improvements to the company, the actual implementation can be complex, and it often feels like trying to move a rock with an egg. Nevertheless, despite the perceived complexity, continuous exploration of improvement measures is crucial for time-saving and high efficiency in operations."

SHLT, a 'Small but Strong' Company
The automated work process machine devised by CEO Lee Misook of SHLT

"Small but Strong... SH LT Knows No Limits"

"There's a saying, ‘good thing come in small package,' and it perfectly describes SH LT. Despite appearing small and unassuming on the surface, a closer look reveals a company filled with substance and strength.Currently, the CEO, drawing from her experience in process improvement, has also taken an interest in product development. There's no stopping her.She expressed, 'Encountering the manufacturing business recently feels like catching two birds with one stone, making it the most exhilarating moment. Overcoming various trials and errors over the past decade to reach this point gives me the confidence that now, no matter what challenges come our way, we can overcome them.'"

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