Silstar Releases Electrostatic Discharge/Prevention Brush

December 8, 2023

In the industrial sector, particularly within the electronics and computer components fields, the potential losses and risks associated with electrostatic discharge (ESD) are substantial. Therefore, the imperative for electrostatic charge removal is paramount.

Silstar Releases Electrostatic Discharge/Prevention Brush

Global digital brush specialist company Silstar has announced the release of MATRIX, a cutting-edge electrostatic discharge and prevention brush, designed to address these challenges. The electrostatic discharge prevention brush boasts exceptional performance in electrostatic charge removal, thanks to its specially designed brush head and handle. With a 99% effectiveness in blocking electrostatic charges, it offers convenient dust removal in a portable size that can be used anywhere.

Silstar's CEO, Jeon Hyeon-gu, highlighted the importance of complete electrostatic risk removal. He stated, "Even if you dust off particles, they tend to reattach if residual static electricity remains. The ESD (Electro Static Discharge) brush eliminates the risk associated with static electricity with just one swipe." He further explained its versatility, mentioning its applicability in various industries, including PCB electronic boards, computer components, mobile phones, camera lenses, and more.The MATRIX brush is categorized for ESD and electrostatic discharge prevention purposes based on product resistance. It is suitable for ESD applications with a resistance of up to 10^8 Ω and for electrostatic discharge prevention with resistance up to 10^9 Ω. This distinction ensures tailored solutions for different requirements within the electronics and computer components industry.

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