Singtel to collaborate with Intel to launch a 5G multi-access edge compute incubator

September 12, 2022

Singtel today announced its collaboration with Intel to establish a 5GMulti-access Edge Compute (MEC) incubator that will enable enterprises to adopt 5G seamlessly, deploy applications that need low latency processing at the edge, drive innovation and accelerate their digital transformation. Mr Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer, Group Enterprise and Regional Data Centre Business, Singtel, said, “Singtel’s 5G network and Paragon MEC platform are transforming operations in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, smart logistics, healthcare, retail, transportation and urban planning. With Intel, we’re collectively bringing together our best of breed knowledge, expertise, assets and ecosystem to help address business needs, improve operational efficiencies, unlock new opportunities and advance in a 5G world. ”The incubator will be powered by Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Data Center GPU, code named Ponte Vecchio and supported by Singtel’s Paragon, a one-stop orchestration platform for5G edge computing and cloud services, which will simplify the adoption of these 5G services for enterprises.

The collaboration will focus on developing the application and ecosystems to deliver transformational enterprise and consumer use cases like high-definition content delivery, cloud gaming, video analytics, virtual-augmented-mixed reality and metaverse. Mr Christoph Schell, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Intel said, “As enterprises navigate a significant digital transformation, technologies like 5G, edge, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud play a key role in helping to deliver new use cases. Our collaboration with Singtel will help accelerate use of these technologies to solve real business challenges, by utilising our unique combination of hardware and software spanning Xeon, GPUs, Smart Edge, Open VINO and more, and also a broad portfolio of ecosystem innovations.

“Enterprises can tap into Singtel and Intel’s ecosystem to deliver their 5G use cases, including ready to-deploy applications for rapid trials and proof of concepts for research and development. One of the first successful trials on the platform is a content delivery solution. Other ongoing trials include a video analytics AI solution in collaboration with Axis Communications, a mixed reality usage solution for real time workspace collaboration with HTC, and energy-saving technology developed by Quanta that enables a more sustainable MEC platform for enterprises.

See Annex A for details on the trials. Singtel and Intel jointly welcome solution providers who have cutting-edge 5G applications to join the programme and the incubator for rapid trials and pilots. As more solution providers join the ecosystem, enterprises will have access to a greater range of capabilities and solutions to hone their operations. Solution providers that are keen to onboard their applications to the ecosystem and execute joint trials with enterprises, can contact Singtel at

ANNEX A – Ecosystem use cases developed in collaboration with Singtel and Intel

1. One of the first solutions to be trial led was an accelerated content delivery solution. Initial trials have shown a significant reduction in the time needed to load videos - by up to 46 percent on 5GEdge MEC compared to 4G with public cloud. Customers who operate Digital Twin technology stand to benefit from this solution which enables higher video resolution and increases the accuracy of real-time video analytics for mission critical use-cases. The solution, soon to be launched commercially, also enables enterprises to identify potential use cases in areas like mixed reality, cloud gaming, metaverse.

2. Video analytics AI solution, Ipsotek’s VISuite AI software converts video data into actionable intelligence to optimise real-time situational awareness and enables users to efficiently manage automatically generated alarms in real-time for enhanced safety at their worksites. Leveraging Singtel’s 5G Network and Paragon, Intel Xeon platforms for Edge, and Axis analytics, VISuite AIhas the ability to detect workers at risk and differentiate between objects and humans, including if they are not donned in the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment.

3. With HTC’s integrated mixed reality solution and private network, Singtel’s 5G Network and Paragon, the companies developed a 5G real-time mixed reality solution that integrates 5G, virtual reality and 3D visualisation. This offers a highly efficient way of collaborating with real-time data streaming, visualisation, review and validation to support different verticals for real-time workspace collaboration. HTC also offers Private Network solutions powered by Intel FlexRAN.

4. With the escalating demand for high-performance computing capabilities from cloud to edge, it is essential to deploy energy-saving technologies to remain sustainable. Quanta worked with Intel to develop QCT's liquid cooling solution that can optimise performance, lowering the CPU temperature by 11.8 C and enhance power savings. It is now being trialed at Singtel Edge sites, with the aim of enabling a more sustainable edge compute solution for enterprises.

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