The Korea Industrial Daily, Daara, and Industrial Guide Asia from Orange Media Group have signed an MOU to strengthen cooperation in the field of industrial journalism, cross-promotion, and marketing

November 9, 2022
(From left) CEO Kim Young-hwan and Orange Media Group CEO Nicole Chong are signing the MOU signing document.

The Korea Industrial Daily is a well-respected media outlet in Korea that has been endorsed by the Korea Presidential Award, Daara, and Orange Media Group from Singapore has signed on an MOU with the goal of expanding their reach and impact on November 4,2002 in both territories.

This agreement signifies a strong partnership between The Korea Industrial Daily and Industrial Guide Asia from Orange Media Group. The two companies  will work together to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the industrial sector in Korea and South East Asia. This partnership will help both trade media companies  to better serve their audiences and continue to be leaders in their respective fields. This signifies a strong partnership between the two companies, who will work together to provide innovative solutions for the ever-changing media landscape.

Daara CEO Mr. Kim Young-Hwan and Orange Media Group Co Founder Ms. Nicole Chong are taking a commemorative photo after signing the MOU

Daara is a prominent name in Korea's industrial sector. The company owns Korea Industrial Daily, Machine Market, Industrial Real Estate and Online Exhibition Hall, and is now ready to explore opportunities in Southeast Asia.

This move is in line with Daara's strategy to expand its reach and deepen its engagement with the global market. Southeast Asia is an attractive destination for the company, given its growing economy and burgeoning industrial sector.

Mr. Kim Young-Hwan, CEO of Daara is confident that it can replicate its success in Korea in Southeast Asia, and contribute to the region's economic growth. With its strong knowledge and experience in the industrial sector, Daara is well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Orange Media Group, with Industrial Guide Asia, has been covering South East Asia extensively since 2002. It owns IIGA News, IIGA Shop, IIGA Digital, and Industrial Roadshow.

Signed MOU with Industrial Dara and Singapore Orange Media Group
(From left) Daara Marketing Director Mr. Kim Woo-Kyeom, Team Leader Ms. Lee Gyeo-ra, Orange Media Group Co Founder Ms. Nicole Chong, AALL Corporation Pte Ltd Director Mr. VJ Kyaw Kyaw Htun, and Mr. Director Park Jae-Young from Daara

With its regional coverage in the South East Asia, IIGA is able to provide industrial factory owners and managers with direct distribution and connect them directly to both their sales and sourcing needs. In addition to its news coverage, Industrial Roadshow stages various specialized events in this region and hosts various official trade missions for government agencies and associations to date.

Ms. Nicole Chong, co-founder of Orange Media Group, believes that the MOU is a win-win for both the company and will enable them to pool resources and share their expertise to come up with mutually beneficial solutions to benefit their clients and their media outlets. This will help both companies grow and thrive.

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