“Turbocharging will become even more important for a net zero world” – podcast with Accelleron’s Daniel Bischofberger

August 11, 2022
  • In the latest ABB Decoded podcast, the CEO of Accelleron (formerly ABB Turbocharging) Daniel Bischofberger discusses the critical role of turbocharging in the changing landscape of energy industries
  • Bischofberger shares insights into the significant impact of turbochargers in terms of fuel savings and emissions reduction
  • He discusses the future role of turbochargers with sustainable fuels

Turbochargers are often associated with loud and polluting combustion engines, but they are in fact helping make combustion engines significantly more efficient. In the latest episode of ABB Decoded podcast, Daniel Bischofberger, CEO of Accelleron (formerly ABB Turbocharging), discusses how turbochargers are accelerating industry’s sustainable transformation.

Accelleron’s turbochargers are used in heavy-duty segments, including marine, power, off-highway and locomotive sectors. “Turbochargers function as a ventilator for the engine,” Bischofberger explains. A combustion engine with a turbocharger delivers four times more power, while reducing carbon emissions by 10 percent, increasing efficiency by 10 percent and slashing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by up to 60 percent. As an example, he shares that a vessel equipped with Accelleron’s turbochargers saw annual fuel savings of 200 tons and COreduction of 620 tons.

In response to the growing need for climate action, turbochargers will continue to play a critical role for industry, according to Bischofberger. To decarbonize shipping, for instance, turbochargers are critical to improve the efficiency of engines, thus reducing fuel consumption. As future fuels become increasingly available, improving engine efficiency will be more important as these fuels will be more expensive than fossil fuels in the beginning.

Bischofberger also states a complete transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy in the power sector requires a huge increase in renewable electricity production. “The challenge will be the sheer amount of sustainable energy required,” he says, adding that power grid stability will be a challenge due to the variable nature of solar and wind power. He further explains how thermal power generation plants running on green fuels can be used to provide backup power during peak hours and to avoid these potential interruptions. Turbochargers will ensure efficiency reducing the environmental impact.

“There is a misperception in most people's minds that the net zero world and combustion engines do not go together. It might be surprising but engines with high performing turbochargers in marine and power segments will become even more important in a net zero world,” adds Bischofberger.

Accelleron manufactures around 10,000 turbochargers and services more than 100,000 turbochargers annually through a team of 600 service engineers in more than 100 service centers worldwide. The global service network ensures reliability, especially important for mission-critical applications.

Bischofberger also highlights Accelleron’s advanced digital solutions for customers that are helping them optimize engine performance, reduce fuel consumption, and monitor and forecast emissions for ships.

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