'Youngil silicon' -A Silicon Specialist with 42 Years of Expertise

December 8, 2023

Established in 1981, Youngil silicon has been a dedicated producer of silicon products such as silicon sheets, silicon hoses, and silicon O-rings. The company has gained prominence for specializing in the manufacturing of silicon processed goods, catering to industries like semiconductor, display, bio-pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and secondary batteries for semiconductors.

'Youngil silicon' -A Silicon Specialist with 42 Years of Expertise
Youngil silicon the Vice President Kwon Oh-hoon

Despite facing challenging periods, including the IMF crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, Youngil silicon has successfully weathered the storms over its four-decade-long existence. Building on this resilience, the company has announced plans to relocate to a new headquarters in the Gwangmyeong City Technology Valley, near the Gwangmyeong KTX Station, by the year 2024. The new facility will span approximately 8,264 square meters.

When questioned about the driving force behind the company's sustained growth, Vice President Kwon Oh-hoon emphasized the company's confidence in product quality and its ability to provide timely manufacturing and logistics processes to meet user demands during critical times.

Kwon, the Vice President, highlighted, "We possess in-house manufacturing facilities and processes for silicon extrusion molding machines, ovens, mixers, cutters, silicon press injection machines, and more. With the capability to oversee every aspect of the product manufacturing process from A to Z, we can secure a competitive edge in pricing. Additionally, our ability to produce products in collaboration with molds allows us to tailor specifications such as color, strength, operating temperature, and dimensions according to user preferences."

In particular, Vice President Kwon emphasized the company's accumulated expertise in the silicon processing field, its avoidance of low-cost raw materials, and its commitment to using domestically sourced and German-imported materials. He noted that the company produces products with characteristics such as heat resistance and cold resistance, meeting user demands for high-quality silicon processed items.

At present, Youngil silicon manufactures silicon processed products capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -50°C to +300°C. Vice President Kwon mentioned that, in response to increasing customer demands, the company is conducting research on mixing ratios to produce silicon products that can withstand even higher temperatures, up to 350°C and 400°C.Venturing into the Shower Hose Sector with High-Quality Silicon ExpertiseVenturing into the shower hose industry with high-quality silicon as a foundation, Youngil silicon launched a new business in the bathroom sector.

Introducing the 'All:ba' brand, the company has established an online presence, targeting both the B2B and B2C markets.Vice President Kwon explained, "The new brand 'All:ba' encapsulates the concept of 'comfortable and safe living.' Silicon showerheads filter out rust that can occur in older apartments through the use of filters. The hoses, unlike metal hoses, are easy to clean and do not tangle, enhancing user convenience. Moreover, the colors are diverse, including white, lavender, mint, pink, silver, navy, reflecting consumer preferences and individuality."

Furthermore, he highlighted the environmentally friendly aspect of the products, using domestically sourced KCC materials and medical-grade silicon that is harmless to the human body. The products are designed for recyclability, melting down for reuse after disposal.

From color mixing to manufacturing, All:ba's products are produced by Youngil silicon. According to Kwon, the products have gained popularity through deliveries to hotels and postpartum care centers, earning positive word of mouth.

'Youngil silicon' -A Silicon Specialist with 42 Years of Expertise

Vice President Kwon also shed light on the company's plans for business expansion through exports. He stated, "In order to target premium markets such as Japan and Germany, we have been actively participating in international exhibitions. Earlier this year, in April, we took part in a consumer goods expo held in Tokyo, Japan. Visitors from Japan expressed favorable impressions of All:ba's showerheads, noting the differentiation in color and design from conventional metal-based showerheads, as well as appreciating the smooth grip and environmentally friendly features."

In the current year, Youngil silicon aims to expand its revenue by focusing on growing sectors such as semiconductor secondary batteries and bio-industries. Simultaneously, the company plans to enhance the domestic and international recognition of its new business venture, 'All:ba.' The focus will be on promoting the outstanding quality of the products and establishing a strong presence in the market.

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